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        South Plains Wildlife 

Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Caring for Wildlife Since 1988

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is in its 34th year of operation! 

SPWRC is the equivalent of a hospital for wildlife, therefore, 

our facilities are not open to the public. 

 SPWRC is now booking Environmental Education Programs!


SPWRC’s Junior Volunteer program was launched in 2003 after Founder Carol Lee visited the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Concord, California, where they had a thriving and successful JV program.

The purpose for starting this program was to teach appreciation and understanding of our native wildlife species to young people ages 12-17, since they will become our future conservationists, good stewards of the environment, and perhaps have careers working with wildlife. Additionally, it allows young people the opportunity to become exposed to wildlife in a safe, non-threatening way.

The JV Program provides practical experience, increased awareness of community needs and helps encourage the spirit of volunteerism in a non-profit agency. This program also provides an opportunity for young people to learn about wildlife and help with our overall mission of raising, caring for, treating and releasing as many of our wildlife orphans and casualties as possible. We want the “JV” to be a part of our volunteer staff, and not simply sign up because “the parent thinks it would be a good way for the child to spend his/her summer.”

We ask both the “JV” and a parent to sign a waiver, have it notarized, and bring it with you on the first day you volunteer. We don’t allow JV’s to wait out front for their parents - a parent must park and come to the barn to pick up their child.

Due to the nature of our work it’s important to recognize that hazards exist, and our patients may bite, scratch, poke, kick or otherwise injure you. It is for that reason JV’s will have limited contact with our wildlife.

Sample duties are listed, but others may be added. We hope this program will inspire young people as they work side by side with experienced volunteers. Tenured, mature, self- motivated JV’s may have special privileges to feed baby birds and squirrels.

Volunteer duties will include, but aren’t limited to:

Washing, cutting up produce and other foods and delivering it throughout the grounds

Cage and pet taxi cleaning (not rabies vector or raptor species)

Changing, cleaning and refilling water bowls

Cleaning waterfowl area including pond

Washing, drying and putting away dishes

Straightening shelves in laundry and kitchen areas

Sweeping, mopping

Taking trash to the dumpster

Picking up litter

Watering trees and plants, raking leaves

Cleaning out and cleaning the refrigerator and getting rid of spoiled produce


Keeping cabinets clean and straight

Tenured, mature, self- motivated JV’s will have special privileges to feed baby birds and squirrels.