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             South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Caring for Wildlife since 1988

Photo Gallery

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Photos South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Photos Our new Banner! Created for us by volunteer Amber Morales and Copy Craft of Lubbock. 176038617 Our Front Wall and Sign Backdrop for Cactus n bloom. (Photo by Kristen Shimek) 176038579 Our Garden Pond Water Lillies in bloom 176038580 Open House 2011 Rob Lee talks about pond ecology during annual open house event. Our pond has native fish and is surrounded by native plants. Native plants provide food for our native, indigenous wildlife. 176038581 Common Barn Owl chicks This species is admitted every year 176038582 Volunteer Gail Barnes holds "Jasper" Jasper is one of our "wildlife ambassadors" that accompany us to schools and programs for educational presentations. 176038584 Baby Ravens Five hungry mouths 176038583 Volunteer Tom McLaughlin Tom is a retired professor from Texas Tech University. He's been volunteering for over ten years. Here he holds one of our Red-tailed Hawk ambassadors. 176038585 Red-tailed Hawk 176038586 Grey Fox 176038587 Adult Striped-Skunk 176038588 Mule and White-tailed Deer Post-release in their new location. 176038589 "Sierra" A Golden Eagle who was with us for several years. 176038590 White-tailed Deer Fawn Foraging on sunflower leaves at the Wildlife Center 176038591 Burrowing owl chick 176038592 Badger This badger came as an infant and was successfully released when fully grown and independant 176038593 Harris's Hawk One of our ambassadors for many years. This was "Harris." 176038594 Volunteers feeding our deer fawns Kathy Phillips and Angie Wilkins on "deer feeding duty!" 176038595 Two Mississippi Kite chicks We raise many kite chicks each summer 176038596 "Percy" the American White Pelican He's "helping" volunteer Kathy Phillips clean cages! 176038597 Burrowing Owl chicks These chicks were rescued from harm's way at a local golf course and released into an artificial burrow nearby - to grow up and become independent. 176038598 Lupe Rocha holds a Great-horned Owl Lupe was one of our first volunteers around 1990! 176038599 "Belle" Our on-site manager of 15 years, Debbie Tennyson's falconry bird. Debbie had falconry permits. 176038600 Northern Saw-Whet Owl The only one ever admitted to SPWRC. It was successfully released! 176038601 Bald Eagle "C.C." was so named because he came to us from Caprock Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. He was with us a number of years and was not releasable due to a permanent wing injury rendering him unable to fly. 176038602 Great-horned Owl "Titan" and two foster chicks Raised at the Center in 2011. The chicks were successfully released when grown and self-sufficient. 176038603 Rob Lee, volunteer at DaVinci Exhibit Rob shows ambassador "Shadow" to guests at the event at the Science Spectrum. 176038604 "Percy" Percy shows off at an Audubon program in 2011. 176038605 Volunteer Maggie Hancock Maggie shows off our education Virginia Opossum at an Audubon program at Lubbock Garden and Arts Center. 176038606 Red-tailed Hawk 176038607 Volunteer Get-together We often like to commemorate birthdays and other events on site in our outdoor amphitheater area. Here, friends bid good-bye to Operations Manager Kristen Shimek who relocated to Georgia with her husband in 2012. 176038608 Two baby Eastern Gray Squirrels Two of many, admitted each year to SPWRC! 176038609 Volunteer Gail Barnes (L.), Carol Lee (C.) and Doris Mager (R.) Doris is known as "The Eagle Lady" from Florida who started her own non-profit: Save Our American Raptors (S.O.A.R.) and visits Lubbock each year with her birds of prey. Doris is in her mid eighties! 176038610 "Trooper" Our newest ambassador, Trooper is a diminutive Eastern Screech Owl with a charming "personality!" 176038611 Keystone Donors Jody and Cindy Burkes Our Keystone Donors are those people who take time every month to send us a donation on which others depend. Jody and Cindy live in Denver City, Texas. 176038612 Baby Skunks No one can deny they're very cute babies! 176038613 Young Virginia Opossums No one can deny they're very cute babies, too! 176038614 Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker fledgling Raised and released along with its four siblings in June, 2005. 176038615 Red Squirrel A little patient from New Mexico several years ago. 176038616 Six Common Barn owl chicks admitted March, 2013 177008685